HDPE Cages Systems


When nature rebels, you need equipment you can trust. The design of today's AKUAKARE cages is based on more than 25 years of research and development.
The strong molded brackets have made AKUAKARE a preferred choice for fish farmers all over the world. Extensive use of Polyethylene eliminiates corrosion, minimizes expensive and complicated maintenance operations and substantially increases the lifespan of the cages.
AKUAKARE Cages can be delivered in a variatey of models and sizes, and can easily be adapted to individual needs.

Offshore cages Systems

Our cages are manufactured to withstand the harshest marine and atmospheric conditions, in accordance with site specifications and needs.
Our company has the capability to manufacture and equip cages in 6 different locations at the same time.
The cages we manufacture from 10m to 70m diameter by using 1st quality HDPE pipes from 200mm to 500mm have passed the natural strength tests under field conditions.


Pipe Diameter
Cages Circumference
225 mm
40-60 m​
250 mm
50-80 m
280 mm
60-90 m
315 mm
min 70 m
355 mm
min 90 m

Circular Off-Shore Cage

They are manufactured from carefully selected raw materials and components to suit open sea conditions and customer needs. Our aim is to produce the best for absolute customer satisfaction and to ensure a safe production for years.
The raw material we use for pipes and posts in our cages is first quality "high density polyethylene (HDPE)".
The posts we use in our cages are manufactured from HDPE material in a closed structure with rotation technique.
For this reason, each post contributes significantly to the cage buoyancy like a buoy.

Square cages