Although, RAS systems in comparison with the classical systems, are much more advantageous by requiring less water needs, intensively stocking capacity, short time of production period in order to provide the optimum conditions of water levels and parameters for the fish, it brings more equipment and energy innovations. Just because of these equipments and energy, the innovation and management costs are always higher than classical systems.

RAS systems are considered to be counted on 4 main systems;

In order to grow the fish in short time of periods water conditions should always be kept in optimum conditions. Therefore, for this reason, the water in RAS systems is cleaned by flowing through many filtration systems and the temperature is kept constant by heating and cooling.

Here are the filters that are existing in the systems.

Besides, in RAS systems the procustion is applying intensively, hence the oxygen requirement is high. That’s why there must always be an oxygene reinforcements externally to keep the oxygene level in high levels. Fort hat, oxygene tubes, oxygene generators and liquid oxygene silos are used.